botanical colours

Colourist and organic artist Catherine Lewis hand makes her healthy inks, cloths and prints at her Colourfield workshop in Cardiff, Wales. Inspiration comes from natural beauty, bio waste, foraged materials and post-industrial vistas of her native Welsh landscape.

At Colourfield we believe in using natural processes that are kind to the environment and reflect the beauty of nature and the world around us. We use natural dyes, water based inks and 100 percent natural European hemp. I believe we should only have things in our lives that are harmless and beautiful to us and the earth.

Ink test with ochreThis is sumptuous, eco-conscious art: it’s fashion and home goods that don’t cost the earth and are actually good for you! Cat uses Ayurvedic healing plant properties – Ayurvastra is a part of the ancient Indian Vedic system of healthcare, meaning healthy clothing. When worn or used next to the skin, these special fabrics, imbibed with essences, can deliver their medicinal plant benefits. Each item is hand-made, so every item is unique and has an essence of the place, materials and time of making.

Watch Cat make her walnut ink on the BBC Countryfile Autumn special.

Cat can dye and print a wide variety of materials. She’s highly skilled in colour matching and has an extensive knowledge of the dyes and fibres required to achieve the best results. She can also teach you to make your own healthy, organic inks, textiles and papers on a workshop – online, at her Cardiff studio or in your own setting.