Natural textiles, dyes and inks

Textile artist, dyer, printer and ink-maker Catherine Lewis makes all her healthy artwork and handmade inks at her workshop in Cardiff, Wales. She is inspired by the natural beauty, local materials and the post-industrial vistas of her native Welsh landscape. Her work combines sustainable, handmade and recycled materials with both traditional and contemporary techniques.

Ink test with ochreHer sumptuous, eco-conscious art, fashion and home goods don’t cost the earth and they’re good for you, being made to incorporate Ayurvedic healing plant properties with full provenance. Ayurvastra is a part of the ancient Indian Vedic system of healthcare – loosely translated it means healthy clothing. When worn or slept in, these special fabrics deliver medicinal plant benefits through your skin.

Using these ideals, each piece is hand-made, dyed and printed at the workshop or out on site. So every item is unique and has an essence of the place, materials and time of making.

Watch Catherine make her walnut ink on the BBC Countryfile Autumn special:

Buy work here or come to the workshop to meet, try writing with handmade natural  inks, try things on or order bespoke work for your home, commercial project or special event.

‘Chemical dyes and textiles can be really bad for our health and that of those who make them – my products are not. I carefully source only non-harmful chemicals and dyes from plants and waste; I use only recycled fabrics, organic UK silk, wool and sustainable, ethically produced, chemical-free hemp and bamboo fibresAll of my bespoke dyeing and printing services are done with the greatest respect for our planet and people. I believe in creating harmlessly and strive to create luxury with zero or little waste, zero or low carbon footprint, locally sourced materials and labour‘.

Catherine is able to dye and print a wide variety of materials. She is highly skilled in colour matching and has an extensive knowledge of the various dyes and fibres required to achieve the best results. Catherine can also teach you to make your own healthy, organic inks, textiles and papers on a workshop either at the Cardiff studio or your own setting.

Arabic calligraphy with hand made acorn ink in a Cardiff primary school class