Catherine Lewis

Catherine Lewis (cat) is an artist and botanical colour specialist, making dyes, inks and prints; she was born and grew up in South Wales, then trained in textiles at Chelsea College of Art and completed a Masters in Fine Art at the University of Wales in Swansea in 2010.

She’s been refining and sharing her knowledge of textiles and colour for over twenty years. She’s now focused on making things less harmful, less wasteful, longer lasting and more local for her Colourfield brand, which runs alongside her more personal fine art practice in which she works with communities and landscapes.

‘Chemical dyes and textiles can be really bad for our health and that of those who make them – my products are not. I carefully source only non-harmful chemicals and dyes from plants and waste; I use only recycled fabrics, organic UK silk, wool and sustainable, ethically produced, chemical-free hemp and bamboo fibres. All of my bespoke dyeing and printing services are done with the greatest respect for our planet and people. I believe in creating harmlessly and strive to create luxury with zero or little waste, zero or low carbon footprint, locally sourced materials and labour‘.

She collaborates with varied clients such as fashion designers, stylists and merchandisers, artists, tv/film art and costume departments, to realise their colour and pattern wishes, as well as designing and making custom pieces for private clients.

cat teaching ink making to year 8 pupils
cat teaching indigo dyeing