On this specialist textile day workshop you’ll learn how to master the fascinating technique of removing areas of fabric. It’s a technique of creating “cut work” on fabric and can yield elegant and satisfying results. A mildly acidic paste is applied in a design onto the fabric using hand painting, bottles, shibori and screen-print application techniques. It has the unique property of dissolving cellulose (plant) but leaving other fibers like silk untouched. Use it to create cut velvet, cut work on cotton & linen and pulled thread work. On 100% cotton fabrics the application of the paste dissolves all the threads where it is applied, leaving holes. Futher techniques are then required to keep the fabric from falling apart.
You’ll make up the chemical paste which is then applied onto fabric; it’s then heated to cause a reaction which burns the fibres and reveals layers of transparency and colour. An exciting process that you can apply to many fabrics, creating wonderful textures and patterns. It’s a brilliant addition to your process repertoire if you are a textile designer, weaver or embroiderer. This course is suitable for adults and those with some textile experience.