Hire the Studio

You can use ColourField’s workshop facilities for your own print/dye projects. It has a wide range of dyes in stock, both natural and synthetic – Although we prefer natural, we realise not all projects can be realised this way… but we’ll do our best to convince you! The workshop is equipped with:

  • 3m flat-bed print table
  • bullet and stove top steamers
  • textile silk screens – no exposure facilities here but we can arrange this with notice or you can bring your own.
  • paper-making screens
  • book binding equipment
  • 6 hot plates
  • heated 50 litre dye bath
  • washer/drier
  • large dye pots
  • outdoor area

You need to do an initial consultation and induction with Catherine before you can use the facilities, which costs a one off fee of £35. You can then book studio time at £25 per day. Basic materials are included and additional dyes and fabrics are available to buy if ordered in advance.