Seasonal Local Plant Dyes

Learn how to make dye baths and direct prints with seasonal plants from the garden and surrounding landscape. Explore the possibilities contained in the rich variety of wild plants for colouring fabrics and papers, using leaves, berries, fruits and roots collected on a walk, as well as plants supplied by me. 

Using both immersion dye baths, painting and contact (eco) printing, you’ll discover a palate of rich seasonal hues – yellows and oranges of spring and summer flowers and leaves, purples, reds and oranges from blackberries, sloes, rosehips, damsons and turning leaves. Iron, walnut, chestnut, hawthorn and oak will provide warm browns, greys and black.

You’ll make a swatch set of various fabrics and techniques to pattern. I guide you throughout the processes so that you leave the day with an array of colour, patterns and structure onto your recycled textiles and papers.